On the film front I'm excited to have received pre-production funding from the Canada Council for a hybrid documentary film – Sex, Breath and Death.

This personally narrated hybrid film uses magic realist images to weave together themes of sex, breath and death.   The human experience is bounded by these three actions. Sex is the creative force at the beginning, breath is the constant of the journey and death closes our existence at the end.   Mystics throughout time have posited that these three natural forces are the keys to altered states of consciousness. As a provocateur narrator wrestles metaphorically with unlocking the door, dramatic scenes are intercut with documentary interviews of five contemporary mystics who illuminate the illusive territory of enlightenment.

On the painting front, I continue to tour my latest painting series also entitled Bone Wind Fire.    Having presented a 2 month solo show at the Emily Carr House in VIctoria, and a 1 month solo show at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's Education Annex in Santa Fe this summer the NAFTA circuit completes as the Mexcan Consulate sponsors an exhibit at CONARTE - a  contemporary public art museum in Monterrey Mexico.   I'm also delighted to present my film and a slide presentation on my paintings at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.  Check out my calandar page for details. 

Between film and painting I'm also researching a prototype for new interactive audio collage on paintings as a gallery installation interactive experience.

Should you be interested in supporting a project like Sex, Breath and Death or purchasing a painting, please contact me.  Art thrives under the kindness of patrons.